Auto insurance rates in OklahomaSaving money on Oklahoma auto insurance is easier than most people think. And since Oklahoma drivers pay the 5th highest rates in America, it's important to save every dollar you can.

The common misconception about car insurance is that people believe rates don't change much over the years. A cheap policy now is going to still be a cheap policy five years from now, right?

Wrong. Insurance rates change all the time and can increase significantly over just a year or two depending on market conditions and company profitability. So if you haven't shopped around for a cheaper rate in a few years, you will be surprised (and a little embarrased) about how much you have been overpaying.

Many big name companies sell auto insurance in Oklahoma like State Farm, Allstate, Safeco, GEICO, and Progressive, but there are quite a few smaller companies like North Star, American National, and American Farmers and Ranchers that can also provide rate quotes. The only way to know which company has the best rate is to be thorough in your search and get as many price quotes as possible.

The largest cities in Oklahoma obviously have the most vehicles, and the lists below show the most popular vehicles in Oklahoma's three largest cities. Those vehicles get the most requests for auto insurance pricing and if you drive one of them, click through to find out which companies can give you the best rate quotes. Other vehicles and cities are available through the button links below.

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